Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PinUp Toons Package 230 CT Timeline Set & Tags

I just adore PinUp Toons and was so exited to see this new package of tubes.
Ladyhawwk Designs has created a fabulous scrap kit package to go with these tubes. This package comes with the tubes too! Who can resist this adorable pack!
Both tube art and scrap kit can be purchased at Creative Design Outlet.

Below are some snag tags and a snaggable Welcome timeline cover for you all to enjoy!  Be sure to click image for full size before saving.


Danielle Willfong said...

Very Adorable snags and the welcome banner she's very Adorable. Thank you so very much for sharing these I have snagged a few of the snag tags and I also snagged the banner with much love and many hugs XOXO

Marie Jackson said...

Stopped by to grab a few gorgeous snags....